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FTAnalyzer Family Tree Analyzer Install the latest Windows version FREE from the Offical Microsoft Store. This version will automatically update as new versions become available. If you have issues with the Windows Store or have a older version of Windows you can download a stand alone installer version here.

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Splunk is a leading Analytics tool which helps in Server Monitoring, Data Analytics & Data Visualization. Splunk captures, indexes, and correlates real-time data in a searchable repository from.

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FX Blue Live is a free service for publishing and analyzing your trading history. Publication is almost instant after trading activity, with updates as frequently as every 60 seconds while trades are active. You can combine accounts into portfolios, embed full results and analysis on your own website, or collect your history using our APIs.

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Better History replaces your Browser's history viewer and adds more controls to manage and browse your history. Key Features: - Reference your history quickly by jumping between days and hours in just a click. - Deleting a day, hour, or individual visit is painless in Better History..

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Browser History Viewer Hindsight HINDSIGHT Hindsight is an open-source tool that has been used to analyze or investigate web artifacts and used to correlate the root cause or origination of intrusion In addition, hindsight is more compatible and famous for its easy deployment and configuration; it just requires a “Profile Path”.

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